The W-I-N-D is blowing

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Okay so I have been living in The Netherlands now for more than twenty years, twenty-one years to be more precise. It is a small country, very flat and there is lots and lots of wind. The fact that the country is small makes covering most distances that much easier and efficient. Since there are bike paths everywhere bicycling is an effective means of transport, bringing one here to there and back again, often faster than with the car. Flat, flat, an occasional draw-bridge, flat, flat, turn right, then left, flat, flat, flat.

However, the wind is everywhere, and it blows hard never soft. That is why there are so many windmills and now colossal wind turbines, in order to capture this energy to make lots of electricity. Lots and lots to keep us humans warm and happy with all our gadgets. While it is flat and one would imagine biking "should" be an easy chore (remember how small the country is?) there is a big very big problem. The w-i-n-d. The W-I-N-D is blowing. Hard. I do not know how nature manages it, but it is a very well known phenomenon in Holland (another name for the Netherlands in case you were wondering) that the wind is "always" blowing in your face, "always" against your direction of movement. Always, on purpose. In the morning on your way to work or to play. And then later in the afternoon returning home. Also in the evening after a training course. This is truly bizarre, but it is true. No wonder all of the Dutch folks have such strong legs, not fat at all but very muscular. Look at the legs on her!

Okay, let's try to trick the wind this time around. At the very last moment, I decide to stay home in the morning, ha ha fooled you wind. Instead I leave in the afternoon, but the wind is blowing in my face. Return home for a quick lunch break with the family. Wind in my face again. Okay then, in circles, a big circle past my work and turning around again, sweeping a large arc to cover all possible wind angles. Doesn't help. Wind in my face, the whole way. Am I being paranoid? Huffing and puffing and sweating after my self-imposed detour to prove my point, I explain it to my fellow Dutch colleagues.

Yes, of course.

They are perfectly aware of this so-called "bizarre phenomenon" as I describe it in my garbled Dutch with a heavy American accent. Of course. Like trying to trick your shadow or reflection in the mirror. Only possible a couple times in your life when you are a kid (see, I moved first, yes I did!) but after that no longer feasible. Not anymore in the world of adult thinking and imagining. But I will keep on trying.

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What's an american doing in Holland ? And what do you have against Denmark ? Denmark is a great country, beautiful nature and not so overcrowded as Holland is. So some good reasons for m as a dutch to life here. Besides I live 5 minutes from sea, forrest and beach.

Good luck in Holland

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