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Will the real random thoughts blog please stand up? What a disappointment it was for me to discover that what I had initially thought up as a creative and unique name for my blog is NOT that creative nor unique at all. Bummer, man. I am really let down. This is a very sad day for random thoughts. I happened to discover by chance a link to "my" blog random thoughts and I was all excited. Wow, I thought to myself, I am getting more famous more quickly than I had ever expected. This blog thing is really great stuff! Okay let's click, and then? It was NOT my blog at all, but someone else's blog with the very same title. Yet another random thoughts. How could that possibly be? Hmmm. Some kind of deja vu. So out of curiosity I chanced a search on google. What did I find? A long, long list of blogs called random thoughts, out there on the Internet, all over the place. Here are just a few that I selected randomly (excuse the pun):

random thoughts, random thoughts, random thoughts from a large head, random thoughts - ideas aleatorias, random thoughts, random thoughts, random thoughts, random thoughts by miguelito, random thoughts, random walks, random events, etc.

And on and on and on...

What is an honest loveable blogger like me going to do? No more random thoughts. Howabout: unrandom thoughts? minimal thoughts? non-thoughts? gibberations? ought? Time to change the blog title to something different. Don't know what yet. Anyone out there have any suggestions?


Wacky thoughts? Random musings? Wacky musings?

Hey there,

I am one of those "other" random thoughts... "". I always wondered (and doubted) if I was the only Random Thoughts.... guess not. I initially just couldn't think of anything terribly clever and wanted to come up with something to change my name to, but never ran across another Random Thoughts so I thought MAYBE I was the only one until I ran across my link on your site in my sitemeter.

Oh well... now I want to change my name too!

Oh, most definitely Gibberations! It's already up there in your title bar. It's your own future famous word! :D Don't think you have to worry about someone else using it either.

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