Jejune is jejune

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jih-JUNE (adjective)
1: lacking nutritive value
2: devoid of significance or interest: dull
3: juvenile, puerile

"I read several favorable reviews of this play," said Joan during intermission, "but so far I'm finding it rather jejune."

No one in their right mind ever uses the word jejune, or do they? There is a famous Woody Allen film in which parody is made of this funny-sounding word. Who out there has ever used jejune seriously and not caused laughter? Another question. Who can tell me the name of the film to which I am referring? Not that I am offering a prize or lots of money, but just curious how many serious fellow bloggers out there dare to take the challenge.


Forget which movie, but the line iis something like, "I'm jejune? If anyone is jejune, it's YOU!"

Love and Death (1975)

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