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"The giant red star Betelguese - the red star in the shoulder of the constellation Orion - is 700 million miles across, about 800 times larger than the Sun. Light takes 1 hour to travel from one side of the giant star to the other. The name of this star means "The Armpit of the Central One" in Arabic, which shows that like many other constellations, Orion was recognized across many cultures."

My favorite constellation is Orion, by the way. It has always fascinated me for some reason, and I have gazed up at it many many times wondering and wondering.

Ever wondered how to pronounce it? This is how: Be·tel·geuse (btl-jz, btl-jz).

"A star's primary source of energy, during its lifetime, is the fusion of hydrogen occurring in its core. As the hydrogen is used up, the helium which is produced fills up the core. But the temperature is not high enough for helium fusion to occur, so core energy production slows down, its outward pressure decreases, and the gravitational forces cause the core to contract. As the core contracts the atoms bunch closer together causing an increase in density and temperature. When the core temperature is high enough, helium fusion begins. At the same time as the helium core is contracting and heating up, an outer hydrogen shell expands and begins fusing to form more helium. It is this expansion and fusion reaction in the hydrogen shell which pushes the star's envelope out into space. The surface of the now giant star is so far away from the hot core that it cools down and turns red (hence the name red giant)."

Betelgeuse is also known as:

  • Betelguex; Betelgeuze; Beteiguex; Al Mankib.

  • Alpha Orionis

  • HR 2061

  • HD 39801
  • Other scientific data about Betelgeuse:

  • RA 05 55 10.3

  • Dec +07 24 25

  • V 0.50

  • B-V +1.85

  • Spectral Type M1-2Ia-Iab
  • Betelgeuse is the 12th brightest star in the sky. It is called Alpha Orionis even though it is fainter than Beta Orionis (Rigel). This is because Betelgeuse, a variable star, was misclassified.


    Hey! That's some great information there. I love Orion. My favorite constellation and all that. Very cool. Thanks.

    The Onion is the only food I need.

    Hi, Hon,

    Do you remember that I always said Orion is my favorite constellation? I have always taken comfort from the fact that he is there and I can find him, and from him, the North Star.

    Anyway, here I am at your website again, and I realized that I was here a couple of days ago. I'm still stuck on the Christmas theme - aarrgghh!

    CBS in Jax is leading their noon news with Spurrier discussing his decision. Will fill you in later.

    Keep your fingers crossed - I may hear about either of the two jobs I think I would hate but would have to take or the one job I might like but probably pays far too little.

    "It was the resignation heard round the sports world." Oh, poop, they were just talking about Spurrier's 4:30 news conference today. They are also saying that they are hoping for an announcement about a replacement....

    Love ya,

    Neat stuff about Orion. Knowing at least one constellation has kept me from feeling like an idiot since I was a child. I was looking for more info because I went to a mini-planetarium tour where the giggly youth tourguide said that Beteguese meant 'Armpit' in Arabic and I wanted to make sure before I wrote it in my monthly newsletter.

    Okay, if you want to take the risk of using me as some kind of scientific authority that is fine with me. No need to quote me though.

    neat. the star betelguese is really neat. i needed this info for a school project. very cool!

    this site is boring. I found no relevant information and it was hard to understand. and another thing, y is your mum posting comments on here for u to read, Mama's boy! I would rather go to the American Barbecue, than this site any day! and the american bbq site is really really retarded! to end this i really want to say: i love you, and im just saying this stuff to hide my true feelings

    Thanks alot Chelsea, nothing like a good morning binge of messed up feelings which you seem to be overly embittered about. Just calm down and enjoy life for a change, won't you.

    Life is a series of moments. As each sun rises and falls there is more to life than just simple actions. Life becomes sad, life becomes tense,life becomes rough and man turns to his one special companion to make the grass a little greener if you will. It is through that companion that we are able to face the difficulties of life and find happiness in the darkest of days.

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