USS Meade DD-602

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USS Meade DD-602.
USS Meade DD-602
Some folks might be of the opinion that this USS Meade thing is getting completely out of hand. Much to my pleasant surprise, I have been able slowly but surely to collect various tidbits of information over the Internet. I have even made regular contact with some veterans of this fine WWII fighting vessel. Should I go on out of personal selfish interest or is it time to let things be as they are? The general impression is that I might be going too far digging into the private lives of my father and others, those who would probably rather forget about it all. It is not for nothing that my father was very short and resisted telling me much about this period of his life. I have even been asked to help out with the reunion which will take place next year. In one way I feel honored, but in another way I feel slightly uncomfortable about the whole thing. Why me? To make things easier, or so I thought, I created a discussion forum on my site so that these veterans could get in touch with each other, exchange experiences and ideas, and hopefully catch up on the last half century. Exciting? Turns out that most of these fine heroes have little experience with computers and are having a difficult time trying to figure out how to sign in, indicate their names and then enter information. Makes sense, when I think back on the way my father was. It is a whole different generation.


I have an Uncle who served on the USS Meade as engineer. His name is Howard L. Martin. He was present at the famous action at Gaudal Canal.

I served on USS Meade from May 4
1942 til Feb. 1944. My Duty
station was # 2 Fireroom.
I was the volunteer 1st loader
on #1 gun that sunk 4 ships off
Savo Island near Guadal Canal in
Nov. '42. Car Urban Loaded the
Powder, jack Sommers removed
the lids off the powder cans. I
previously served on the
USS Sturtevant DD240 (sunk) 4/26/
42. I served on the USS Bennington
CV 20 from Feb. 44 til Sept. 46.

My father, John W. Moody from Macon, Georgia, served 4 years (1941-1945) on the USS Meade in the engine room. He died July 20, 1994.

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