These are trying times

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It is hard to keep one's head raised during this period of violence, terror and war. Everything seems to be going wrong at the moment. What is a person supposed to do? Each day something comes up and reminds us that this is far from a perfect world. Nonetheless, it is vital to keep a positive frame of mind, to accept what has happened and do what we can despite the inherent limitations. "This is the best of all possible worlds", at least according to the famous philosopher Leibnitz. The universe is the direct result of a divine plan, well thought out well ahead of time. Leibniz's assertion, however, does not imply an unqualified optimism, since evil is a necessary ingredient in even the best of all possible worlds. Okay, black and white, good and evil, some kind of balance between the extremes. The pendulum does not hang still, but swings back and forth. And ironically enough, this is my horoscope for today: "Before complaining, think about how your life must look to someone with fewer privileges. Aspects of your reality are merely cultural illusions. Pay less attention to the ads and more to the editorials." Next, please...

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