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There's alot of this blogger journalism going around these days. More and more and more. I wonder why. I remember when in the good old days no one felt like writing anything, it was just too much damn trouble. All those books we had to read and essays and stuff. And now everywhere you look on and around the Internet there are hundreds, thousands and more of my fellow bloggers just like myself frantically trying to record their lives passing by before it is too late. Is that possible? A community geared towards honesty and frankness, just recording random thoughts as you want to without a concern in your life. No one is going to read it anyway. But it just might be possible that one day some lone surfer will come across your many words of wisdom. Just by accident, a coincidence, fate in disguise. And then he or she or it is affected and moved. Hmmm, tears and laughter. I did it at last. Okay, so you do not believe me that there are so many fellow bloggers out there. You asked for it. Here are some random blogs I will throw out at you: i am frequently asked questions, or howabout this one: cracks in the pavement, or howabout this one: joho the blog, or howabout this one: deranged miracles, ad infinitum. So why are we doing this to ourselves? Well, it is kinda fun. Yes, that's it. It is kinda fun.

Darkness settles in.
Darkness settles in.
So what does your average blogger look like? I am not quite sure, but for any of you out there who might be curious, I caught one of them with my camera late in the evening. Darkness settles in. Blue light reflecting from his glasses. Later and later. The picture at the left should give you an impression of this poor soul. Poor soul. Blaring through the headphones for late night inspiration: "We're all slugs every one last of us..." Glitter mini 6, Cuckoo. I think it is a terrific idea this blogging towards an ideal solution. I have this feeling that it is working, and fast. So there will be an explosion of interest, until everyone is blogging. Mother and Dad, sisters and brothers, grandma, the kids next door, that dog over there, president Bush, Niel Young and the rest. No one will be doing anything but hammering away at night trying to catch up. Interesting idea, and probably how the earth and human civilization will be saved -- through introspection. And blogging. And blogging.
There's this great book I read a while ago when I was younger and liked to do that kind of stuff, reading that is. The name of the book is Epitaph of a Small Winner by Machado de Assis. I recommend it very highly -- it really influenced my way of thinking at the time. Well it is about this person who feels that he has to write his complete autobiography before he dies. He starts this pursuit with great enthusiasm, but the further he gets in his book covering more and more of his life, the more things happen to him. So he has to write about these things also. But by the time he describes these latest events, more interesting things have come along. So he writes and writes and writes in desperation, never quite catching up to where he is at the moment. Reminds me an awful lot of this blogging stuff. It is a gas and loads of fun to do. But for those trying to catch up I will warn you now that it is impossible. Might as well stop now, or take another approach. And blogging.

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