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Another grubby beard.
Another grubby beard (enlarge).
I thought it would be a good idea to change my image again, for the sake of variation in this otherwise boring life. Grow a beard. Ever-changing chameleon in the so-called world of persistence and resolution. I think it is starting to look nice and grubby. However, everyone else hates it and they keep reminding me day in and day out to shave it off. There are all these gray spots in it and that makes me look older, more experienced, wiser, distinguished, just plain old. Well, those are the compromises that must be made in order to pursue change every once in awhile. Grey patches in an otherwise smoothly evolving growth. The worst part is that after three days it gets very very itchy. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Later, when the hairs extend themselves and become long strands, I will have to resist the urge to pull at them and curl the hairs by twisting them between by thumb and forefinger. Having to dress up in a suit and tie and visiting important customers with my grubby beard is an interested exercise in accountability. To be representative and at the same time not representative. Some people claim that I look like a criminal. Would you trust this person? Experienced telecom expert, allow me to introduce myself. My beard and I are happy to make your acquaintance. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Just another every day down-to-earth common sense grubby beard. At your service. Helps me think and concentrate better. A good idea.

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