Endless hallways

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Endless hallways...
Endless hallways...
Oh yeah, another dream I had last night. This has alot to do with my new work environment and how I am (subconsciously) adapting to it, after having worked at my new employer now for four weeks. Four weeks, already? This is the dream. I am walking through the building, down the hallways. Every person I meet, tells me the same thing. They say that I look like I don't feel like anything, a bit lethargic and uncaring, almost unmotivated as if I could care less. This is very strange, as the truth is I can really get super-involved with projects and by nature I am very perseverant until I reach my goal and even overshoot it. That was my dream. So why did I dream this? More than likely because now after having overworked myself so much the last several years, only in the end becoming overly frustrated and feeling letdown, now I have decided to approach projects with a more realistic view. Not so perfectionist, and not overly expectant how "really fantastic" it is all going to become. Normal and healthy. However, compared to how over-optimistic I have been in the past, much to an exaggerated degree, subconsciously I still feel guilty not completely dedicating myself to my work. It will take me a while not only to wind myself down on the outside, but also to convince myself totally on the inside that this no-nonsense commonsense way of handling things is the correct path to follow. A new challenge in life. Why must everything be a challenge? Okay, call it a relaxing stroll in the woods along a slightly different path. Not next to or even on the highway, but quietly along the quaint trickling stream. And then?

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