A very sad day

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Today is a very very sad day in American history, as a cowardly terrorist attack has completely destroyed both of the World Trade Center buildings as well as a large section of the Pentagon. This horrific deed sickens me to my stomach, and my heart goes out to all those innocent victims, their families and anyone involved in any way. I was so shocked upon hearing the news that I felt nauseous, almost on the verge of hatred for such insane, crazy fools that could perpetuate such an inhuman and cowardly act. How is this possible? What kind of world is this becoming? And how can I ever explain this to my children? Life must go on, and hopefully in the end we will survive as stronger individuals more intent on pursuing love and peace everywhere. May God protect us all and lead us to truth.


I also wonder whether on some subconscious level the dream about your father was connected to September 11?

Actually the dream about my father happened almost a year before. No relation then I guess unless you believe in dreams predicting the future.

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