Puglia Italy 2023

Puglia is a southern region of Italy forming the heel of the boot, is known for its whitewashed hill towns, centuries old farmland and many kilometers of Mediterranean coastline.
Otranto - narrow alleyway.
Otranto - port.
Otranto - port.
Otranto - port (Thea).
Otranto - view across the clear blue sea.
Otranto - port view.
Otranto -first day selfie.
Otranto - port view, we had a nice nap on the beach to the left.
Otranto - cozy cafe in the sun with a wonderful view (Thea).
Otranto - castle and fort.
Otranto - there were many of these low lying trees you could sit under.
Matera - narrow alleyway.
Matera - view from the plaza where we had dinner later.
Materia - dwellings carved out of the sandstone.
Matera - another view.
Matera - vegetation grew well in the shadows.
Matera - some ancient monastery.
Matera - the way back.
Matera - another view.
Matera - evening view right before dinner.