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Every generation has it's own collection of fashionable sayings which tend to be overused. Through this overuse, their scope gets expanded to include a wide range of meaning, way beyond the initial definition.

I cannot count the number of times a day I hear people repeating the words "cool" and "awesome", as if the world around us is an absolutely amazing place. Awesome.

In my days we used to say "groovy" and "neat" once in awhile as our words of choice. Repeat: once in awhile, not all of the time like now. Some people I know say "cool" at least a hundred times an hour. I don't think I ever used "groovy" more than a few times in a whole day.

I'm sure that my parents couldn't figure it out although my peers and I were connected by these sayings. Cool.

In the same vein, I can kind of figure out what "cool" means, because it's similar to how "groovy" sounds. However, "awesome" is way off the board to me and too easily exaggerated these days.

Here, I brought you some donuts for breakfast. Awesome. Let's sit down together and discuss things in more detail. Cool.

I wonder what kind of newfangled lingo the next generation will come up with in order to embellish life's meanings even more.

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