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I've been raised in a traditional family environment in which I have been taught that I am soley responsible for what I do. I must face up to all the consequences of my actions or what I might say.

But what does this mean exactly? How far can one justify this when there are so many unpredictable factors and indirect effects of which we cannot be held responsible?

If you truly believe that you are responsible for everything and the world around you, then if this world confronts you with unexpected and undesirable things, then logically you have no one else to blame but yourself.

A tremendous feeling of guilt overcomes you and you cannot understand what it is that you are doing wrong and why you should be suffering. By fighting it and resisting reality, you become frustrated and depressed.

A much better belief is that most external motions and actions are beyond your control, and the most you can do is influence them ever so slightly and never enough. Feeling good about yourself is important, and remaining as positive as possible in a world of suffering is the best way to proceed.

Your influence is strongest on the inner spiritual world, followed by your own body, following by your immediate surrounding, and the farther you get from the center of your being the less powerful your influence.

Concentrate most of your energies where it counts and where you can exert the most influence, and realize your limitations. You cannot change everything, only the things that you were originally meant to change.

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