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Up until yesterday the Del-, Ins- and Home- keys on the upper right-hand corner were sticking alot, and it's been really bugging me since I purchased this fancy laptop more than a year ago.

Once I even brought it to a so-called expert computer repair shop. I was told that there was nothing to do about it. They even had the gall to suggest that I strike the keys more gently and at an increased perpendicular angle.

All of a sudden I'd had enough. Mustering up enough courage to grab my special screwdrivers, I became a madman, loosened the bottom of my laptop completely, pulled off the front cover, and dislocated the screen.

I looked around, blew some dust away, wiggled this and that. Then when I put the bottom and front covers back in place, I had a whim and reversed the sequence. I began with the left side and tightened the screws in only three-fourths of the way, and then I screwed the right side back tightly in place.

I couldn't believe it, but none of the keys stuck anymore. Now it feels like heaven when I type, and it's almost like I have a brand-new laptop all over again.

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