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When I was in second grade or thereabouts and had just learned to write, one of my favorite pastimes was to compose short stories consisting mostly of long and complicated-looking nonsense words.

At such a young age, my imagination was unbounded as I put my mind to scribbling endless series of words that sounded great even if on paper they looked bizarre and didn't make much sense at all.

These amazing constructions of thought flowed freely from my mind and assumed quick and dynamic form on the page in front of me. Before I realized it, I had two or three or even more pages filled with these strange utterances.

Of course I could not wait to share my youthful masterpiece with family and friends.

There I stood proudly in front of the interested gathering ever so eager to read out loud my famous creation. There he is standing in front of us all, please be quiet and listen to what this young genius has to say. In silence everyone listened as the words were uttered and articulated with extreme care so as to maximize affect and inspire awe.

And it went something like this:

"The zatoication we prefolicated is irratagonally a part of the diatronal subrespotical as I can cantapolize under suprepriasicatical things for umbellicallistic contraptotational bibagonanians where...."

And on and on it went. Pure driveling nonsense but loads of fun nonetheless.

When it was all over I accepted the loud applause with a smile and a quick nod of my head, bowing a couple times as I stepped backwards, disappearing into the shadow of youth. I ran back to my room to start yet another nonsensical masterpiece.

There is nothing better in life than impressing family and friends, don't you think?

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