Watermelon tastes funny

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For some strange reason, my kids do not like watermelon. They had it for the very first time while in America on vacation, and (with a slight though politely repressed grimace on their faces) they said it tasted kind of funny. Unusual and not edible. I guess as Dutch kids who grew up in a faraway country where there is no such thing as watermelon, they had never had the opportunity to develop an appreciation for this fine form of gigantic fruit. By never having tasted it, the buds on their youthful tongues had never developed any specialized nerve endings near enough to the surface. Feel like a nice juicy piece of watermelon? No thanks. On the very last day of our stay, my sisters and their husbands and us drove down south near Solomon's Island to have a nice going away picnic. The barbecue was fantastic. Afterwords we had juicy pieces of watermelon, but me and my sisters were the only ones who could really appreciate the great taste. There's nothing better to cap off a filling barbecue on a hot and sultry afternoon next to the water.


That's so sad. ;) When I was pregnant with Emily, my husband would come home from work at around 03:00am with a tall glass of milk and a bowl of fresh watermelon for me every night. I've always loved the stuff. It's funny to hear of kids who don't care for it.

It's not that I didn't like it. But 70 % of that huge thing was water! So I took a huge bite out of it, ending up with a tiny piece of fruit in my mouth...

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