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Too often it is the case that age old differences between members of the same family last much longer than is necessary. A pinpoint of a potentially painful moment in time which was meant to fizzle away the second it stopped happening. And then because of the misinterpretations and perceptions of those involved, the criss-crossing moment of time, and the after-time leading the parties away from that moment, it gets extended to live onwards for some reason. Why this must be so is beyond me. I feel that it is a tremendous waste of time. What may have happened in the distant past is over with and has very little relevance now. I am not proclaiming that one must forget everything completely. That is impossible. However, learning to accept things as they are, how they used to be and how they will never be again is the one and only way to move on with your life. Why get stuck? Otherwise we carry unnecessary weight around with us which leads to one obstacle followed by the next. More frustrations, bad feelings and emotions verging on hatred. What doesn't make sense is for some people an invisible meaning upon which they thrive and acquire incentive. A new meaning in life when there is no obvious meaning available? Perhaps. What I am saying is this. Live for the now and not for what had or may have had happened. Accept each other and direct a common vision to the future. Why wait until consolidation is forced upon us at the deathbed when it is too late? Last moments lying in a muddled awareness of regret, no that is not for me. We just do not have that much time left together to make the best of it is all.


I agree! Even down to those trivial matters. They seem to be the worst. The one that gets brought up 3 years after the fact. There is nothing that can be done about it now. All that could have been said about it was already said 3 years ago. Ah well, maybe it is also trivial to worry about the times when people bring up ancient trivial items.

Makes absolute sense what you are saying Stu, but still some people can hang on forever to such trivial tattered pieces of cloth from the past.

I also see a strong link between this entry and the next one. (I'm reading backwards...)
I have a mother who, in an argument, will throw something at me that hasn't happened in over five years. Pointless, I say. Then again, I haven't spokoen to her in four years...
Anyways, I agree with your point. "The devil lives in the past" is the way I put it. You can't change it, so no use digging it up.

Isn't there a saying in English about "burying the hatchet" or something like that? As Longfellow stated long ago: "Buried was the bloody hatchet."

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