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Now here's something that should really get you thinking about the whole mind-body discussion.

"The human genome (the sum total of the genes in our chromosomes) does not specify the entire structure of the brain. There are not enough genes available to determine the precise structure and place of everything in our organisms, least of all in the brain, where billions of neurons form their synaptic contacts." (ref. Descartes' Error by Antonio R. Damasio)

You see, while the genome provides a basic framework for the general idea of what each and every one of us has the potential to become, the determining factors called chromosomes are simply enablers, nothing more and nothing less. The actual glue of what holds us all together is something that formed after we were created, after our awakening called birth, and after our first conscious stimuli. There are innate forms and structures in our brains, but these are not the actual mental processes which define who we really are.

In case you were wondering what a genome is exactly then I will tell you now. The genome of an organism is its set of chromosomes, containing all of its genes and associated DNA. Check out the Human Genome Project for more scientific information.

But if we really are more than the sum total of all these zillions of genomes, then what is the purpose of gathering all of this information? Is it nothing more than collecting tidbits of information? Finding all the cracks on the walls and writing them down on paper? Perhaps such an endless list will provide guidelines and help us fight diseases and maybe even improve the physical aspects of the human species, but in the end how far will this go to improving our knowledge of the human brain and/or mind?

Time will tell, but my belief is that scientific knowledge in itself has inherent limitations and must be extended through the use of higher forms of awareness. Where and what those are and even whether they exist at all are questions that will have to be answered as we approach the limits of knowledge.

You could say that we are more than what we were meant to be, or more precisely we become through a process of striving to an end which in the end will bring us even further.

Confused? I am.

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