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You are not going to believe this when I tell you, but it really happened. You can take my word for it or just walk away empty-handed if you wish. Okay then, please allow me to explain myself. This is what happened. On my way home this evening, I was driving along the lake on my left taking a shortcut back home. As habit dictates, I regularly check my rear-view mirror and continue on. But this time when I looked, an amazing site caught my attention. It was a miracle. Off in the distance there was the church steeple pointing upwards. Directly in front of it was a pointed tree also pointing upwards, the trunk from the base to the very top of the tree perfectly aligned with the silhouette of the church steeple. In front of this perfectly aligned pair was a street lamp, and yes its length was also perfectly in line with the other objects behind it. A razor sharp edge was obviously splitting my view exactly in two, and I could not help noticing this dichotomy. Now for most people this would be enough of a miracle, but here comes even more. The left side of the rear-view mirror, the object which first directed my attention to these coincidental alignments, this flat edge was also in perfect alignment with the street light and then the tree and then the church. I wondered what the odds are that this can happen even once in one's lifetime, and before I could seriously contemplate the impact this would have on the rest of my life, it was gone. Gone forever and forever. One wonders how many of these perfections pass us by on a daily basis without us ever knowing about them. Here are some other dimensions to think about. You see, yet another miracle has happened to me today.


I don't seem to notice miracles like that. The miracles I notice that never pass me by (as much as I can help it) are children. When they smile or hug you, or want to hold your hand or someone else's. When they show just so much love for a person and don't care at all. When they believe in God and they have no doubt in their little minds that God made the Heavens and the Earth and everything is perfect and Mommy is always right. That's a miracle to me.

Yes children are the essence of innocence in that regard. Each and every one of them is a little miracle in their own way.

Amazing. I think you are right. I'd be willing to bet that things like this happen more often than we realize - we just don't take time to see them. Thanks for sharing that with us.

And I do agree about the children 100% as well.

Just glad you didn't crash!

The only crash was in my mind, but then it was too late by a split second.

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